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Last Day

by Richard LaPlante

Charlie Wolf is an undercover cop assigned to infiltrate the Sons of Fire motorcycle club, suspected of manufacturing and distributing methamphetamine up and down the East Coast. Charlie’s been undercover for a long time—long enough to have broken the two cardinal rules of his work. He’s forged a strong friendship with Ray Sasso, president of the Sons of Fire. And he’s become addicted to meth.

A near-fatal mistake during the attempted bust by the cops leaves a bullet lodged in the right temporal lobe of Charlie’s brain. Operating to remove it would likely kill Charlie. Living with it will change him forever.

Two men linked by a tangle of lies and twisted loyalties. Two men who could not be more different—or more the same. When they meet again, for one of them it will be the Last Day.

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About the Author

Richard LaPlante is the author of the popular Fogarty-Tanaka series of crime fiction novels as well as three memoirs. Last Day is his first paranormal thriller and explores his longtime interest in human consciousness and the Near Death Experience. A musician and lifelong student of martial arts, Richard lives with his two sons in the sunny mountains of Ojai, CA and is a founding director of an independent publishing company, Escargot Books, where he blogs regularly.
Currently, Richard is also working on Hog Fever, an Ear Movie — a movie without pictures — based upon his motorcycle memoir Hog Fever and starring Academy Award nominee Terence Stamp, produced by Grammy award winner Greg Penny and directed by British rock icon Kevin Godley.

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Action Packed Read!!
You first meet Charlie Wolf in a room talking about today being his last day alive. How is that for suspense? You soon find out that Charlie is an undercover agent in way to deep. He is now a meth user like the men he went undercover to bust. To top it off he is made friends with the very man he was suppose to bust, Ray Sasso. Soon he wakes in a hospital room with a bullet in his head.
You could stop there and have a pretty good story, but that’s not even close to the end. Ray and Charlie are intertwined. That is all that I am going to give you. You must read the story to find out anymore! Believe me it’s worth it. There is so much action in the first few chapters you will be up late trying to squeeze in a few more chapters. No boring long back story here. This book keeps you wanting to finish reading it TODAY!
Richard LaPlante, the author uses words that are crisp and to the point. This is a book that a husband and wife could read together. The man loves his wife, but this is NOT a love story. It has enough love to attract girls and action for the guys. Not easy to find a book to read with the hubby curled up in bed.

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