Grilled Figs with #Nectevia Mascarpone

Grilled Figs with #Nectevia Mascarpone I was selected to enter Steviva’s Blogger Recipe Challenge! I decided to create something using fresh ingredients found easily at the supermarket. I also wanted to keep it simple. Here is my recipe for Grilled Figs with #Nectevia Mascarpone. Steviva is a great natural sweetener and you can get more […]

Pot of Gold Recipe Instant Pot

Pot of Gold Recipe Instant Pot Pot of Gold Recipe Instant Pot is an amazingly easy dinner. Pot of gold is tomato soup with cheesy dumplings. It’s like a grilled cheese and tomato soup all grown up! The dumplings are oozing with cheese. Pieces of the dumplings break off and thicken the soup and release […]


A day spent #COOKINGWITHCABOT Last week I had the pleasure of attending #CookingwithCabot with some of my #SundaySupper friends.The event was super delicious and great fun.  Cabot Creamery Co-Operative is way more than just a cheese company. Every time I attend an event with them I fall more in love with the company and what […]

Serrano Ham and Goat Cheese Croquettes #SundaySupper

Serrano Ham and Goat Cheese Croquettes #SundaySupper Serrano Ham and Goat Cheese Croquettes are a Spanish tapas recipe I created for Sunday Supper’s Spanish Tapas. Spanish tapas are basically appetizers or small meals. I enjoy them because you can try many different dishes instead of one meal. These flavors came out great. The goat cheese […]

Hot Brown Lasagna

Hot Brown Lasagna I created this recipe as a new twist to an old southern favorite. My husband is from Kentucky and almost anywhere in Kentucky you can get a Hot Brown Sandwich. You can get more information HERE about the sandwich’s history. My creation is a Hot Brown Lasagna. Its creamy and delicious and […]

Deep Dish Pizza Casserole #SundaySupper

Deep Dish Pizza Casserole When I hear deep dish, I think of pizza. I decided to create a recipe for a casserole with the pizza in mind. My kids LOVE pizza as I bet most peoples kids do. Our family’s favorite topping is pepperoni and extra cheese. And this is how Deep Dish Pizza Casserole […]

Perfect Pimento Cheese

Perfect Pimento Cheese Pimento Cheese is one of my amazing husbands favorite snacks. Its a perfect as a dip for crackers. My husband loves it on crackers with salami. He also eats it on bread as a spread for lunch. Pimento is roasted red chili pepper that is pickled. You can buy them near the […]

Seafood Fondue Recipe

Seafood Fondue Recipe Every time I think of fondue I think of my friend Paula. She LOVES fondue! My family was having king crab legs for dinner (seafood sale) and wanted something to go along with it. We decided a seafood fondue sounded perfect! You can leave the lobster out to make this affordable to […]

Review: New England Cheese Making Kit #giveaway #homemade

Review: New England Cheese Making Homemade cheese has been a dream of mine for awhile. I love to make things with my own hands. I looked into ordering the supplies on my own and I was scared about ordering the wrong things. I was so excited to get this kit! Everything in one cute little […]