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My World Simplified started when my (Amy Barrett) friend told her me I should start a blog with all my recipes and crafts. She hosted me for one year and My World Simplified was born. I intended it to be this great mommy blog where you could get advice on parenting, recipes, crafts, and more. Well thats kind of how it went……

Me at 40

Me Amy Barrett

I soon realized that my readers didn’t want to much advice or lengthy articles, they wanted recipes and lots of them. They also want to know about traveling and some of the great things I find.  Most of what I publish is recipes. I love cooking, eating and anything to do with food.

I come from a  family that loves food. My grandfathers grandparents were known from Michigan to Virginia for their amazing food. This carried on in the family and it continues to be passed on. I have 5 children, 4 girls and a son, they can all cook. Even my almost 3 year old grandson gets involved in the kitchen.  My kids are between 23-12 years old and all live close to home….for now 🙂


Ready to compete at World Food Championships 2015

I live in central Florida now but I grew up in Michigan. I love the ocean, camping, art, and even crafting. I can sew, knit, crochet, carve wood, needlepoint, and so much more. I come from some pretty amazing people. I am married to my best friend and he always makes me laugh! I think its the best part of being married to him. Most of my tears are shed because I laughed that hard!

Vanity Fairs Social Club and Emblem 3

Vanity Fairs Social Club and Emblem 3

My favorite thing to make in the kitchen is probably cookies!  I love to make cookies and BIG HUGE family dinners.  An amazing sauce simmering all day on the stove is marvelous to smell all day and eat that evening.  I aspire to bring delicious food into everyones home. Cooking isn’t hard and anyone can learn.

I offer cooking classes in the tri-county area of Volusia, Flager, and St. Johns in Florida. If your not in the area you can still learn to cook! I can email, Private message on social media, and even Skype a cooking party!

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