Sweet Cheeks Honey Mustard Grilled Pork Chops #SundaySupper

Honey Mustard Grilled Pork Chops #SundaySupper Honey Mustard Grilled Pork Chops was created for one of my daughter’s. She is a huge honey mustard fan! She has even tried it on ice cream…..ewwww but she liked it! I cannot purchase enough honey mustard either. I created these in honor of my sweet cheeks Nene! I […]

Crockpot Red Beans and Rice

Crockpot Red Beans and Rice As a child I didn’t care for beans. My mom had a rule that we had to eat it unless we hated it. Beans was just a dislike for me so I had to eat it. Now as an adult I love beans. I sick the step of soaking the […]

Creamy Crockpot Split Pea Soup

Creamy Crockpot Split Pea Soup This creamy crockpot split pea soup is amazing and really easy! Split pea soup with ham is perfect for a cold day. Try it cold on a nice summer day! I like to eat it either way. When I am warming it up the next day I usually eat a […]

Pork Fried Rice

Pork Fried Rice My family loves to eat Chinese food but we cannot eat it much because of the sodium. I suffer from Meniere’s Disease and require low sodium food. We have found cooking at home we can almost perfectly replicate the Chinese restaurant’s pork fried rice recipe. I always make pork chops the night […]

Crock-pot ribs

Crockpot Ribs I love ribs anytime of the year. Its hard though as my husband usually works overtime and doesn’t have the time to cook them on the grill very often. I also don’t like to par-boil my food. Low cooking them in the oven would work,but the oven hot in the summer is no […]

Cuban sandwiches #SundaySupper

Cuban Sandwiches *This recipe is part of #SundaySupper see below for more information We love to make Cuban Sandwiches in the summer. They are easy and a great finger food to eat on the go. Sandwiches and salad are our summer favorites, along with cooking on the grill. First time I had a Cuban sandwich […]