Pot of Gold Recipe Instant Pot

Pot of Gold Recipe Instant Pot Pot of Gold Recipe Instant Pot is an amazingly easy dinner. Pot of gold is tomato soup with cheesy dumplings. It’s like a grilled cheese and tomato soup all grown up! The dumplings are oozing with cheese. Pieces of the dumplings break off and thicken the soup and release […]

Homemade Pizza Hand Pies

Homemade Pizza Hand Pies Homemade pizza hand pies are YUMMY in my tummy! We love to take these pizza hand pies with us for busy days. We take them to practice when I wont’ have time to cook dinner. I wrap them in foil and put the pizza hand pies in a small cooler to […]

Perfect Pimento Cheese

Perfect Pimento Cheese Pimento Cheese is one of my amazing husbands favorite snacks. Its a perfect as a dip for crackers. My husband loves it on crackers with salami. He also eats it on bread as a spread for lunch. Pimento is roasted red chili pepper that is pickled. You can buy them near the […]

Fantastic French Onion Soup

Fantastic French Onion Soup I grew up eating soup from a can. French onion was the one my mom put in our roast. I will be posting that recipe someday. I have also seen some commercials for french onion soup at some popular restaurants (can’t recall which one though). So I started making my own […]

One Hour Potato Soup

1 hour Potato Soup Potato soup is one of my favorite soups. I like it better than mashed potatoes! My family likes their potato soup chunky, if you like it smoother don’t reserve the 2 cups and mash until smooth. The flavor of this soup seems like it has cooked all day! It’s an easy […]

Italian Wedding Soup Recipe

Italian Wedding Soup Recipe My daughter Margaret and really like Italian Wedding Soup. We will sometimes open a can of it for lunch. Well I decided that I would make it homemade. Its got to be better right? Well it was. Even my none soup eaters quickly gobbled this up! Italian Wedding Soup Recipe: Ingredients: […]