Fussy baby….maybe its gas?

Tummy Trouble
Fussy Baby that won’t stop crying. It’s been fed, changed, and nothing works. Chances are it’s a tummy ache. Babies get gassy and they don’t pass the gas so well, especially burping. Sometime you can actually feel the belly and it’s hard as a rock. That’s all excess gas.
There are a few different ways to help. One way is to roll up a receiving blanket, lay the baby on its belly with the rolled up receiving blanket under its belly. You can pat the back too!

William crying
The way that I like best is to sit the baby on your leg. Place your palm in the baby’s belly and use your pointer finger and thumb to support the neck and head. Rub in small circles up the baby’s back. You can pat the back as well.[amazon-myfavorites]78fdf5d3-f73c-4c1f-b42a-d2c1fdc896df[/amazon-myfavorites]

A nurse taught me this way to burp a baby with Tarrena. She was a preemie and had to be burped better. It works great and you can usually get a good burp out. Just laying the baby on your shoulder doesn’t help with the pressure on the belly as much, although it does create some if placed high up on the shoulder.
My Grandson is now here and I have been getting some good burps out of him using the sitting method. Proper burping helps prevent the gas from traveling into the bowels and causing further discomfort.

If the happens lay your baby on its back. Gently bring the baby’s legs into a bent position. Gently push the upper legs into the baby’s tummy. You may get a good fart. If not relax the legs and do it again. My son was a really gassy baby and had a little colic. These tips would have really helped me.
Here is a video of me holding my grandson burping him (plus I wanted a video of his sweet little cry) William Fussing

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