Florida Transplant Loving some Local Freshness #FreshFromFlorida

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Florida Transplant Loving some Local Freshness

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I am a Florida Transplant. I moved her when I was 18 from little Allegan Michigan. I stayed around the Tampa area a few years and then settled on the east coast. I have lived as far south as Miami and now live near Daytona Beach in the north. I love Florida and all it has to offer. I don’t think I could ever live away from the salt air again!

I love the beach but I also love the non-tourist parts of Florida like our nature trails, springs, and even our U-Pick farms. Yes thats correct, we have farms in Florida that actually grow some amazing produce. We also have some of the best Seafood in the country, right in our back or front yards!

Last weekend was Memorial day and the unofficial kickoff of Summer! We found Fresh from Florida corn that was so good we went back for another dozen ears! That corn was so sweet and marvelous and so was the watermelon. We also served up some snapper and of course a blueberry cheesecake galette and a tomato wedge salad. All of that was Fresh from Florida.

Florida corn
We were in food heaven all weekend long! When things are harvested locally they taste better and last longer. My recipes come out better because its used closest to its being picked! If you head to freshfromflorida.com you will find some great information about Fresh from Florida. Its farm to table purchasing locally grown food!
On the Florida Agriculture’s website I found a great map where you can put in your town or zip code and find the following:
-U-Pick farms
-Farmers markets
-Seafood festivals
-Seafood retail markets
-Christmas tree farms and more!
Can you believe we have Christmas tree farms in Florida? I went into a brief fit of hysterics at finding this amazing piece of information. I suggest you head over to the website and maybe go pick some fresh blueberry’s next weekend. Head out to the store and look for the fresh from florida label and know that your getting farm to table freshness.


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