Cooking with kids

Cooking with kids
As a child I was not allowed to cook. Dad had germ fears and my sister was severely burned from grease at 13 months old (she is fine now). I taught myself to cook and decided that my kids needed to learn to cook. Around 2 years old I started them all out helping in the kitchen. They would add the flour, stir the ingredients, push the button on the food processor, and other simple tasks.
Now my oldest is 20 years and my youngest is 9 years old. The oldest ones are pretty good in the kitchen. Around 10 years old they are able to make an entire dinner! Tonight my husband is cooking with our 10 year old. They are making chicken nuggets Chicken Nuggets
(homemade of course) and French fries. Z (11 and a half, don’t EVER forget the ½) was able to season the flour mixture, mix the egg mixture, start the fries in the oven and even stand by dad cooking in the grease.

one of the best chefs

one of the best chefs

Cooking with grease and kids terrifies me. I still won’t do it, but my husband does. He let Z help with chicken nuggets. I use a T-fal fryer because it holds onto the counter with its rubber feet. I don’t have to panic about it being knocked over. It’s also convenient to clean, store, and it maintains an even temperature. We don’t fry a great deal but I was very excited when I opened this T-fal FR1014002 Easy Pro Enamel Stainless Steel 2.6-Pound/3-Liter Deep Fryer, Silver
I believe that learning life skills, like cooking, are vital to becoming an adult. My motto raising my kids is that I have to prepare them for adulthood. Being able to handle yourself in a kitchen is important. Plus it’s just nice to have a night off from cooking!
T-fal fryer

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