Can you spoil a baby?

Can you spoil a baby?

People will tell you not to hold your baby to much you will spoil it. Don’t spoil your baby you will never have a break. So, Can you spoil a baby? I did both raising my 5 babies. Now I am a granny and my oldest daughter asked me if she could spoil her son.  The answer is yes and no.

With my first, I held her all the time. I couldn’t get enough of the baby smell and that sweet little angel face.  My second was worse. Trevor was late crawling because I held him so much. He only crawled for a week before he started walking because I just held him all the time.

Third one was different, Tarrena was a preemie and I didn’t get to hold her until she was a week old.  She was in the hospital until she was 6 weeks old and I didn’t get a lot of time at the hospital to hold her. Fourth one,  I learned how important tummy time was and held her and let her play on the floor from birth.

I knew the last one was my final baby, so I again held her tons, but did make sure she got her tummy time.  Now the results of all the holding and not holding; the ones held the most don’t snuggle as much now. The ones held less are very snuggly as teens. Interesting……

But how were they as babies that first year? They were clingy, needy, had to be held the entire time baby’s.  The ones I held the most wanted me the most as babies. They had to be near me and really touch me most of the time.  The ones that weren’t held as much would sit and play on a blanket for a period of time.

So were the ones held all the time spoiled? Maybe …..I think they were; but they also turned out just fine. I believe that it made their first year harder on me yet; it was time that I will always cherish. Holding them, breathing in their smell, staring at that sweet little face, and that time can never be gotten back.  It was harder to get dishes done with a fussing baby.

Now they have all kinds of ways to “wear” your baby all day long.  There is one that I recommend below. It is able to grow with the baby and can be worn in more positions.  I would have loved to have one and would have been able to get more done.

So I think you definitely can spoil a baby. I also say that you should go ahead and spoil that baby! Before you know it that baby will be too busy to want you to hold it all the time. He or she will be running around causing trouble. Enjoy that baby while It’s still a baby soon your little son can be 6’6 and 250 pounds! Spoil the your laundry and just snuggle the baby!

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