Easy Friendship Bracelet

Easy Friendship Bracelets
Girls love to give gifts of friendship. Bracelets and necklaces are the most popular things for them to give. Here is a loom you can make from a cardboard box. Its easy to use and makes a really pretty bracelet. To make this you use embroidery floss. You need 7 pieces each about 18 inches long. You can use 7 different colors or only a few colors.
friendship bracelet girls
Start by tracing a circle on a box. I used a cheerios box to make mine. The cardboard was a little thin and only works once. Poke a hole in the center of the circle. Now draw 8 lines evenly around the circle as shown below.
friendship bracelet loom
Cut the circle out and cut into the slit marks(don’t cut all the way through). Put the 7 strands together and tie a knot in one end. Put that end into the hole in the center. Now place one strand in each slit/slot. One slit will be open. Turn the circle around so that the empty slit is on top. This is slot 1. Going clockwise from there count to slot 4.
bracelet girl scouts
Take the thread from there and place in slot 1.
friendship bracelet
Now turn again until the empty slot is on top again. Again count to the 4th slot and move that one to the 1st slot. You will have to pull the knotted end from the other side every once in a while. to keep it tight. Continue doing this until you think its long enough.
To finish remove all thread and tie another knot.

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