Stuffed French Toast Sticks Recipe

Stuffed French Toast Sticks My kids are not big on breakfast; either am I. They want something quick and on the go. We came up with a twist to french toast and LOVE it. The strawberry jam and banana stuffed in the center make this amazing. Eat them hot or cold. I actually at them […]

Nutella Sugar Cookies

Nutella Sugar Cookies with Nutella Frosting   Nutella is a favorite of my children. I purchase the HUGE one from Sams club and its gone in just over a week! I decided to make these Nutella sugar cookies so I could lure my high school senior home to visit with me! She is so super […]

Nutella Frosting

Nutella Frosting This works great on cookies. I made a Nutella Sugar Cookie for this yummy frosting. It also works well on a cake although I haven’t gotten a picture. It has a fabulous Nutella flavor. These are a must have for the Nutella lover in your life. This is really simple to make! There are […]