Review: Teaching Fine Arts with ease!

*Special price of $9.95 available for my readers until the July 14th ($5 off) 

I received my login information for the Fine Arts pages from Classical Composers Monthly and I wasn’t sure what to expect. It looked like an interesting program. Once I read the first pages explaining how to use it I was excited. I think this is an AMAZING way to learn some of the greatest artist’s the world has ever seen.

Classical Composers Monthly

Classical Composers Monthly

The pages are vibrant and has just enough information. The information is the name of the artist, where it was painted, when it was painted, where it is now, and an interesting fact. It’s simple enough to quickly read and retain, leaving the viewer time to study the art. I found it interesting that Magritte painted fakes to survive. His art shows small amounts of the artist work he copied, yet is unique on its own.

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I enjoyed these Fine Arts pages so much that I believe they should change the name to Fine Arts Monthly! Great program and a great price! As a homeschooling family price is always important and this is AFFORDABLE! Actually using the program is also important to our homeschooling and this is so very easy to use. All I have to do is hang a few pictures and then ask a few questions as we go about our lives. So SIMPLE even little ones can do it! I hope that they come out with another set of artists, I will purchase it right away!

Here is a link to purchase the fine arts download Fine Art Pages

*I received a copy of the Fine Arts pages for my HONEST opinion. The opinion is my own and no one else’s.

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