Review: Classical Composers Monthly

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I was excited to receive my login information for the Classical Composers Monthly. My family loves music. Cassandra played flute, Tarrena plays 8 instruments, her first is the bassoon. Zana plays the violin and Margaret plays the stand up double bass.

Classical Composers Monthly

Classical Composers Monthly

Classical Composers monthly sounded like something my homeschooling family would love. After looking it over I was overwhelmed with the amount of information for each composer. We first looked at Tchaikovsky, I love the nutcracker ballet. There is a little information about his life, links to other pages for more information, links to pieces of his being played by others, and even downloadable songs. There are even printable pages like word searches.
Here is a list of the composer’s:

Johann Sebastian Bach
Bela Bartok
Ludwig van Beethoven
Johannes Brahms
Frederic Chopin
Franz Joseph Haydn
Paul Hindenmith
Felix Mendelssohn
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Franz Peter Schubert
Peter Tchaikovsky
Antonio Vivaldi
Carl Maria von Weber

If your family is interested in learning about the lives of different composers, then this is Definitely for you! I believe that my family will use this when we play that particular composer. The girls will probably find in intriguing to see where the person came from. Tchaikovsky was not encouraged to play or write music. He went against his family to attend music school.

Here is where you can purchase your own:  HERE

*I received a copy of the Fine Arts pages for my HONEST opinion. The opinion is my own and no one else’s.

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