The Sparkler Mocktail Recipe

The Sparkler Mocktail Recipe This is perfect for a family New Years Eve party.  Just add a shot of your favorite liqour (I would use a shot of rum) and the kids can drink the same drink as you! The feel special. We have plastic wine glasses that the kids get to use. The feel […]

Southern Sweet Tea

Southern Sweet Tea I was raised in the north and drink unsweetened tea. My husband on the other hand is from the south and LOVES his sweet tea. I have gotten him to drink it with less sugar over the years. Almost all of our children drink sweet tea too! We go through about a […]

Old Fashioned Lemonade

Old Fashioned Lemonade I love, love, love an ice cold glass of lemonade. Most of the stuff you buy is just too sweet for me. So of course I created my own recipe. None of the extra crap in it, just lemon’s, sugar, and wter! This is best made the night before. Pouring it warm […]

Watermelon Limonade

 Watermelon Limonade watermelons and lemonade are a traditional part of summer. I personally love limonade, so I combined all three watermelon, limes, and lemons. Watermelon Limonade is refreshing! Watermelon Limonade   Ingredients: 6 cups cubed watermelon 4 lemons juiced 4 limes juiced 8 mint leaves 1-3  tbsp honey or agave syrup 4 cups water 2 cups ice […]

Throwback Thursday: Easy Mocha!

Jenn’s Easy Mocha Throwback Thursday this week is throwing back to my little sister Jenny! Now she is a mom herself and Jenn! I was there when she was born and helped to raise her until she was in kindergarten. We are 11 years apart. I moved away when she was just 6 years old […]

Blueberry Smoothie

Blueberry Smoothie ingredients: 1/2 cup of frozen blueberry a hand full of kale 1/2 of a cup of milk   Directions: Place all ingredients in a mixer. mix till smooth. then enjoy!!