Food Fight Write Summit Experience Diary Day 1


Food Fight Write Summit Experience Diary Day 1

I was one of 50 people selected to join World Food Championships Blogger Summit and Cook-off. Over 2500 people applied to join. I feel ecstatic that I was even selected.

FoodFightWrite welcome bloggers

The first day of the summit was in the majestic Thai Tahini Restaurant in Celebration. Such a beautiful place! Plenty of room for a large party or gathering too!

I was welcomed in with an amazing breakfast on behalf of Happy Egg Company. Holy cow are their eggs amazing and a beautiful deep yellow color. That breakfast was so good. I was energized and ready to get going. Soon I was ushered in to take a professional head shot. Fancy smancy stuff 🙂

FoodFightWrite day 1 morning

Our Master of Ceremonies was the #RetroRad Emily Ellyn. She is so fun friendly and just a blast to be around! My daughters were all jealous when I sent them the picture below. She has been on many food show but we know her from Cupcake Wars. We were also introduced to the stunning Beth Peterson from Yummie Nation; which was the host of FoodFightWrite

FoodFightWrite Emily Ellyn Emcee

The Happy Egg Company gave me some great information about eggs. I now know the difference between regular eggs, cage free and free range, as well as organic. Regular eggs come from hens that are kept in a cage that is about the size of a standard sheet of paper. Isn’t that sad. Thats not enough to even flap her arms. I always thought the cage free meant that they are running around a farm getting fresh air and exercise.

FoodFightWrite Happy Eggs


I now understand that only means the hens get a little more room about double the sheet of paper and usually its not outside at all. Free range only means that they have access to the outside. That can be a small concrete area. Isn’t the world of eggs kind of sad. Thats why my eggs will now be happy eggs. Their hens celebrate #Hendependence. Do you wanna see something super cute? watch this youtube clip:

Next came the CEO of World Food Championships, Mr. Mike McCloud. He came and talked about the history of WFC and where its going. He also showed us the new Cheferre shirts and the case that he carry’s the $100,000 in!!! He is not some stuffy CEO either, I ran into him a few times over the next few days in the streets and he talked with me and chatted.FoodFightWrite McCloud

Ok so back to the summit. Mike McCloud told us that $350,000 will be given away, there are over 300 teams from 17 countries and 40 states. He also explained that this is like the super bowl or olympics of food sport. We then were escorted through the entire World Food Championships by Mr McCloud.

Onto the Perfect Steak?! Jennifer Daskevich from Shubee’s Coastal Grill and Bar came with her head chef. They used Kansas City Steaks Filets and taught us how to make a great steak. All the bloggers at the summit were able to join and cook a steak. We then got to eat these steaks along with salads and Saucy Mama products. Oh my was that GOOD!


Next up was Kansas City Steak Company. The spokeswoman was so pleasant! She was a GREAT representative. She showed us the future of beef. I never realized the quality of beef you can get delivered right to your door! You can even have your Thanksgiving turkey delivered. Kansas City Steak company freezes their meats immediately locking in the flavors and freshness. Sure tasted fresh to me and I do know fresh because I usually purchase a 1/2 cow fresh yearly.IMG_5007


Our next guest was from My Yard Farm. They feed us some tasty micro greens and fabulous tomatoes! They yellow ones were so sweet you thought you had candy. I wish you could taste them because they were so very sweet and tasty!

FoodFightWrite My Yard Farm

After the presentation we all met in the courtyard for drinks and appetizers. That first day was a wonderful time and a great learning experience!


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