A Mom’s Survival Guide: How to Pack the Diaper Bag

A Mom’s Survival Guide: How to Pack the Diaper Bag As a mom of 5 kids I feel like a baby expert. Packing a diaper bag can be a daunting task. Pack to much and you have to lug all that weight around. On the other hand if you pack to little you will be […]

Let’s Talk Children and Chores

Let’s Talk Children and Chores Children and chores used to go together like peanut butter and jelly. These days less parents seem to be dishing out the hard work around the house. Many young adults going off to college are unable to even operate the washing machine or wash dishes. I grew up doing plenty […]

Wordless Wednesday

Perseids Meteor Shower

Star gazing was a favorite of mine as a kid. I used to sneak out my bedroom window just see the stars better. For the last 3 days that is what we have done! even have a neck ache from the first night. Tonight should be extra special! Make some memories with your world tonight […]

Happy National Middle Child Day!

Middle child day!!! Do you have middle child? I have 3 of them. What are your middle children like?

My World is complete today

I have all my children under one roof! I am so excited……to bad its only for a week and then my son has to leave again.

safe and natural lice treatment

Ewww Head lice! Now What? If you have ever dealt with head lice you know that it can be really difficult to treat. My girls all have massive hair and we live in Florida. Lice happens.  We tried the over the counter treatments that your suppose to use twice. My poor Zana had sores all […]

Cry Baby or Pre-Teen

Cry Baby or Pre-Teen I have been through every age of raising children. I believe that those old sayings that teenagers and terrible two’s are the worst ages is WRONG, or they never had a 3 year old or pre-teen. My 2 year olds were fun and so are my teenagers. 3 year olds have […]

My Parrots and Morals

My Parrots and Morals One of my girls is getting ready to get her permit. We have been covering road rules as we drive on all our errands now. It’s amazing how many people disobey the simplest driving laws.  Today while running Z to the doctor we witnessed a police officer doing just that. He […]

My Grandson was born

This morning my first grandson was born. He weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds and 1 ounce. He is 21 inches long.  Mother and baby are comfortably resting and trying to learn to breastfeed. He is perfect and going to be such a blessing to her life!   If only she could see how […]

Baby on his way!!!

C has been in labor since early morning. W should be born anytime and I will be a Granny!

Mothers day

                            Happy Mother’s Day My memories with my mom…………………………When someone asks me about my mom, my mind goes straight to Halloween.  My mom is SUPER creative and she loved to dress up herself too!  One year we dressed up as Rubik’s cubes. Rubik’s […]