A Mom’s Survival Guide: How to Pack the Diaper Bag

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A Mom’s Survival Guide:

How to Pack the Diaper Bag

As a mom of 5 kids I feel like a baby expert. Packing a diaper bag can be a daunting task. Pack to much and you have to lug all that weight around. On the other hand if you pack to little you will be stuck either purchasing extras or even worse doing without.

I have decided to write a moms survival guide to packing the diaper bag. Lets stop killing our shoulders and give them a break! Pack only these essentials and have what you need in the lightest diaper bag.

First you know that you need diapers. If you use Huggies you only need to pack 2 diapers for every hour you intend to be gone. Don’t keep tons in there. I one time emptied my diaper bag to find that I had 13 diapers. Most of them were crumbled in the bottom, unusable.

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Next you need to have some wipes. Don’t go all crazy and get the cute package that is a waste of space and money. Use a gallon sized zipper seal bag and place about a 1/4 to a 1/3 of the standard wipes package. Hey you can use those things to clean about anything! You need to have plenty incase of those great big messes.

Next pack an extra outfit; under 1 year old or if you don’t use Huggies diapers, add a pair of Jammies or another outfit. Pack them in a grocery store plastic bag. Just fold the bag over. Do not tie it. You want this bag to fill with dirty clothes in the event you need to change. Place this in your diaper bag.

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Now don’t get all fancy adding tons of toys. I always keep 2-3 SMALL special toys that are ONLY used in an emergency. These toys are kept special so that when you pull them out they are fun and exciting because they aren’t used often.

You also need to have snacks. Some for the little one and a granola bar or something for mom. I also put this in a zippered bag to keep it neat. Next up is a small first aid kit. I have ointment and a few bandaids. (Hey I was a girls scout and taught to always be prepared) I also carry some baby tylenol.

That is all that you need to pack! Simple easy and only a few items. Don’t forget Huggies diapers are the best and hold all that messiness better. Great reason to purchase them is so you can keep a lighter diaper bag and carry less extra clothing changes! You can also save on Huggies by picking them up at Sams Club. Don’t have a membership? You can get one HERE.


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