Watermelon Refresher Cocktail

Watermelon Refresher Cocktail A watermelon refresher cocktail is the perfect summer drink. I have sat around the picnic table, grill, and pool with this drink. Actually my kitchen counter too! The watermelon is sweet and refreshing. Add in some wine and lemon lime soda and you have a perfect cocktail. One of the best things […]

Watermelon Freeze

Watermelon Freeze My daughter Tarrena helped me come up with the name for this, although we all sat around brainstorming it! We love watermelon in the summer. We go through quite a few of them throughout summer. Sometimes we will buy a couple at a time and then we need to hurry up and use […]

Watermelon Limonade

 Watermelon Limonade watermelons and lemonade are a traditional part of summer. I personally love limonade, so I combined all three watermelon, limes, and lemons. Watermelon Limonade is refreshing! Watermelon Limonade   Ingredients: 6 cups cubed watermelon 4 lemons juiced 4 limes juiced 8 mint leaves 1-3  tbsp honey or agave syrup 4 cups water 2 cups ice […]