Drunken Strawberry Milkshake

Drunken Strawberry Milkshake My Drunken Strawberry Milkshake is absolutely mind-blowing! My mother in law and I were sitting around talking about recipes for an upcoming recipe contest with Florida milk. We decided that its hot in Florida and we needed something to cool off both our minds and bodies hence the ice cream and the […]

Cucumber & Mint Margarita Recipe

Cucumber and Mint Margarita Recipe I created this Cucumber and Mint Margarita recipe after my trip to Los Angels last year for Vanity Fair Social Club at the Oscars. While there we visited Kay N Dave’s Catina in Culver City. If your ever in the area stop in and have a cucumber and mint margarita […]

BEST Steak Marinade with Tequila

BEST Steak Marinade There is nothing like a perfect steak. A good cut is important but more important is the marinade. This helps to tenderize the meat along with flavoring it. My husband and I love to try out different marinades and have always found them to be to salty. So we started to experiment […]