Blood Orange Toddy Cocktail Recipe

Blood Orange Toddy Cocktail Recipe My Blood Orange Toddy Cocktail is a perfect treat to indulge in the winter months. Its served hot and is a perfect cocktail on a cold night. The blood orange is a great wonderful winter fruit. Heat it up and add a few spices you have a nice drink. Add […]

Peach Melba Cocktail or Mocktail

Peach Melba Cocktail or Mocktail I love to create new cocktail recipes. I also love to be able to have a kid version or non-alcoholic beverage one called a mocktail. This allows my children to enjoy a virgin version of my same yummy drink. My Peach Melba Cocktail can also be made into a Cocktail. Just […]

Strawberry Paradise Cocktail Mocktail Recipe

Strawberry Paradise Cocktail Mocktail #Recipe *This can be made with or without alcohol* I came up with this recipe standing in the produce section of Publix staring at juice. I saw a bottle of banana nectar. I knew that I had to make a drink with that! So my daughter and I started naming different […]

The Sparkler Mocktail Recipe

The Sparkler Mocktail Recipe This is perfect for a family New Years Eve party.  Just add a shot of your favorite liqour (I would use a shot of rum) and the kids can drink the same drink as you! The feel special. We have plastic wine glasses that the kids get to use. The feel […]