Prom and the prom dress, was it a Hit or Miss???

Prom, was it a Hit or Miss???

Prom is either a hit or a miss. What was your prom like? I bet that a lot of it depends on the dress! If you LOVED your dress, chances are you had a good prom. Not loving the dress, usually leads to a less desired prom. Prom memories also seem to circulate around the dress and how it made you feel. Did you have extra confidence to get out there and dance? Or was it the opposite, your dress held you back from being noticed by that someone special?
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Picture prom in 1995, a reddish-burgundy dress, lots of ruffles, and big hair! Yup that was the dress of the time! Not so stylish for today’s fashion statement’s. For the 1990’s though it was AWESOME!!! That dress on the dance floor, the dream date, and the song “Lady in Red” comes on……………… Happily ever after dream stuff right there!
I am getting ready to send my daughter to prom for her Junior year. I want her to have a similar memory and look back on her prom with delight. I want it to be a hit! So, to make that happen we must find her the PERFECT prom dress! We have looked at a few places locally and they don’t really seem to have what we are looking for. So we turned to the internet.
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We found JenJenHouse has some amazing dresses. They even have some that will never go out of style. My daughter and I are looking for something with timeless beauty. She doesn’t want to look back on prom and say ewww I wore that! Although if you are looking for that completely hip stylish look JenJenHouse has that too! They have the stunning short front and long back look that is all the rave right now. My daughter and I are looking for the longer princess type. Who doesn’t want to feel like a princess? Isn’t that what prom is all about?
Check out and I doubt your prom will be a miss!

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