It’s National Lazy Mom Day

National Lazy Mom’s Day

This is me Amy B

This is me Amy B

It’s true, today is a National Holiday for moms to be lazy! So today instead of running around like a chicken with its head cut off kickback, relax, and enjoy this rare treat!
Ok, so I know that we moms can’t really just be lazy, but as you go about your busy day leave a few things. Pick at least one of the choices below or make one up of your own! Now finish your mom duties and enjoy National Lazy Moms day!

13 ways to celebrate Lazy Mom Day:

~Put the kiddo’s to bed a few minutes early

~Relax in the bathtub (wish I could do this, I don’t have a bathtub)

~Read a book (this is my choice)

~Take a nap

~Put your feet up for 10 minutes

~Paint your nails (and let them dry)

~Go shopping (just don’t splurge to much)

~Get a manicure

~Or a pedicure

~Take a cat nap or rest

~Go to the beach

~Write in a journal

~Quality alone time with hubby (wink, wink)

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