A great new way to raise money using crowd-funding!

A great new way to raise money using crowd-funding!

Have you heard of crowd-funding? I had heard it a few times and thought I kinda got what it was saying. So I did a little research and found out it I was right! (singing the” I was right song” in my head right now!) So a quick explanation to save you the time; crowd-funding is where the people supply the cost of something like starting a business instead of the individual with the idea. It’s almost like a mini stock market, lol. So…..


Teespring is a company that uses crowd-funding. They essentially sell T-shirts for fundraising without the upfront costs. No trying to guess how many of each size to order. Each person purchasing a shirt can choose their own size. It can even be shipped right to the person. How cool is that!
You select the style of the shirt, quality of the shirt, the color, and you can even upload your own design! You set the cost and can upfront know how much you will make on each shirt (provided you reach your goal). Even better is that you can easily share your fundraiser across social media like Facebook, Twitter, and email.
I am a Girl Scout leader and some fundraising for these girls is EXPENSIVE. My troops like to raise money for other causes and Teespring is going to be one of the fundraisers we do this year. I can let the girls all design shirts and vote on them. Then upload that picture for the shirt. How awesome is that!
Teespring would be perfect for a school fundraiser, church, raising awareness to a cause, or even a child trying to earn their way on a class trip to Spain! It’s great that I won’t have to come up with the down payment to even start my order for all these adventures! Imagine the money saved from ordering too many of the wrong size.
I suggest you try Teespring for your next fundraising adventure!

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