Review from The Acid King

Here is a review from the book, The Acid King By Maggie Abbott. This book is a fun read! Check it out HERE.
Okay, I’ll admit it: I am a child of the 1960’s. The LATE1960’s, mind
you. . .and clearly, I don’t remember much from that decade. . .but
still, I believe your birth decade can have influence on your life and
your tastes.

The events that put this story into motion actually took place the
year I was born. When I began reading the book, I was fascinated with
the premise: the author, who was a film agent for legendary rocker
Mick Jagger, through a strange coincidence was later involved with the
man responsible for putting Jagger and bandmate Keith Richards in jail
in 1967 after the Redlands drug bust. When she realized his identity,
she asked the classic novelist’s question: what if? What if those
involved later learned who The Acid King really was? Toss in an FBI
agent , a few more complicated revenge motives, and you’ve got this

There is no question that the author knows her topic and has a rare,
backstage point of view of all the events. The flashbacks that tell us
the story of what happened in 1967 are set within the ‘present time’
plot and give us the background for these events. The dialogue is
engaging and for me, was really the best part of the book. The author
has a knack for that element, probably derived from her playwright

This is a unique story and an intriguing idea. It will be particularly
of interest to anyone with a passion for the music of the sixties or
the personalities of that decade.

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