Toffee & Cashew Blondies Recipe

Toffee & Cashew Blondies Recipe I love toffee. Every year around Thanksgiving I purchase huge amounts of chocolate chips of all kinds. I also pick up a bag of the toffee chips too. I usually put them in an oatmeal cookie and those are pretty good. This year I decided to make a new one […]

Not Fruit Cake Cookie

Not Fruit Cake Cookie I enjoy fruitcake. I grew up having a piece of fruitcake and eggnog on Christmas eve. I tried to pass on this tradition to my children but so far none of them like fruitcake. A few of my kids do like this cookie though, so give it a try! I brought a […]

Root Beer Float Cookies

Root Beer Float Cookies I love root beer floats. I grew up in a town that still has an old fashioned drive in root beer stand so we were used to getting a really good root beer float. I recently took my nephew there and enjoyed a delicious root beer float! Making memories, he still […]

Cranberry Pistachio Shortbread Cookies

Cranberry Pistachio Shortbread Cookies These cookies my sister and I came up with over the phone. She helped me decide all the ingredients.  I wanted some ideas for making up cookies. She wanted pistachios in them. I suggested cherries or cranberries with it and she said cranberry. Next came deciding the dough, I thought a […]