Baked Jalapeño Poppers

  Baked Jalapeño Poppers One of my favorite appetizers is Jalapeno poppers, especially the ones with cream cheese. The heat from the Jalapeno peppers with the creaminess of the cream cheese puts me in a yummy state of bliss. I have to double the recipe to make it work for our large family. The best […]

EASY Southern Potato Salad

  EASY Southern Style Potato Salad   What would summer be without potato salad? How about a barbeque without potato salad? Summer would never be the same. I know we eat our share during the summer. This recipe is easy to make and last well covered in the refrigerator. It also makes A LOT. It’s […]

Microwave “Fried” Potatoes

  Microwave FRIED Potatoes   My husband LOVES fried potatoes although his waistline doesn’t. My mom told me about these red skinned potatoes that she fries in the microwave. I was skeptical and heard her tell me about them many times before I forgot to cook the potatoes for dinner. I needed them in a […]

Fried Plantains

Fried Plantains I used to hang out with a Puerto Rican family when I was a teen. Mammy made the best food! I loved the rice she made at every meal. I used to help her in the kitchen so I could learn too! I never did learn the rice, but she did teach me […]

5 Minute Cranberry Sauce #Recipe

5 minute Cranberry Sauce I really like cranberries. My favorite is a big piece of turkey on Thanksgiving with a glob of cranberry sauce on top! Turkey and cranberry are best friends and should always be consumed together! As a kid we always had cranberry sauce on the table for Thanksgiving. Dad liked it but […]

Homemade Pierogi = AMAZING!

Pierogi: Potato filled Dumplings Pierogi are a special treat. They are some work to prepare from scratch but very worth it! The first pierogi I had were from a package bought in the freezer department. These are sooooo much better! Pierogi Recipe Ingredients: Dough 3 eggs 1 cup sour cream 3 cups flour ¼ teaspoon […]

Acorn Squash

Acorn Squash Yippee, it’s that time of year again, when we eat lots pumpkin and squash! I picked up a bunch of golden acorn squash. I decided to make them up the way my mom did when I was a kid. These are more like candy than veggie! Ingredients: 4 Acorn squash ½ stick of […]

Wraps made out of Romaine

Wraps made out of Romaine We call these just “wraps”. They are super healthy and so delicious. Only problem is they are a mess to eat, plan accordingly, lol. These can be made with any variety of veggies, meats, or vinegar’s. We mix it up all the time! Ingredients: 2-3 Large Romaine lettuce leaves 6 […]

BLT Potato Salad

BLT Potato Salad I love a BLT sandwich. I decided we should have it in our potato salad to change things up. Here is how I made it. It came out YUMMY!! BLT Potato Salad Recipe: Ingredients: 3 pounds of potatoes 2 cups mayo 1 tsp salt ½ tsp pepper 1 tsp celery seed ½ […]

Chili dog sauce

Chili Dog Sauce Who doesn’t love a Chili dog?  I know its my favorite way to eat a hotdog. Beanless chili is the most excellent! I don’t like opening a can for anything let alone a hotdog. But who wants to take all day long to make a chili sauce. Well here is a chili […]

Potato pancakes from leftover mashed potatoes

Potato pancakes We always have leftover mashed potatoes and its usually on purpose, so I can make potato pancakes for breakfast! These are easy and tasty. You can also have them as a side dish. We eat ours plain but you could top with about anything.  These are great with some sour cream and chives. […]

Healthier, Potato Skins!!!

Healthier, Potato Skins BAKED!!! This is another of our family favorites! We use a variety of toppings. Last night we had steak and salad along with these. The potato skins come out crispy like they were deep fried in a restaurant. Yummy! Enjoy! Potato skins Recipe Ingredients: 5lb bag of russet potatoes 4 tablespoons olive oil […]