Women found alive, kidnapped over a decade, Over protective parenting ok?

                                                                                              Women found alive, kidnapped over a decade
Yesterday I was busy with going on a field trip with my girls to Marineland. Afterward my Grandma came to attend the girls concert. They all did exceptionally well! We were gone the entire day though.
So this morning came to me as a surprise. I turned on the news to hear of 3 women found alive after being held captive for over 10 years. I immediately felt so much excitement for the families of the women. Then I felt upset for all the families that heard about women being found. They probably got all excited believing it could be their loved one, only to find out that it wasn’t .
I feel for all these women. The things they must have endured. Such courage to continue to fight for so long! What fighters they are!!! I pray they are able to get some peace of mind, and rest after a decade of captivity. Kidnapping is happening and it strikes fear in most parents.
I have always been clingy to my 5 children.

My Amazing Children

My Amazing Children

I have 2 grown and one almost. I still worry about the ones that are grown, especially C who is a girl. My son at 18 is over 6 ft 4 inches and I doubt someone could toss him in a car. I do still worry though. I have been even more clingy since Z’s friend was almost taken.
My youngest girls I really worry about. When Z was just a little thing a friend of hers was almost kidnapped at a baseball field. She was actually put in a strangers car. He mom was watching her play with another girl at the ball park while dad was playing a game. The kidnapper tried to lure her away once to the concession stand. Then the mom looks again and the kidnapper woman was buckling B into the car.
My Z has separation anxiety. Just today I realized that it is probably from B almost being taken. Z can go to a friends to play but once it gets dark she has to come home. She won’t really even stay with family unless we force her.
It is hard not to shelter your children so much that they cannot grow. I remind myself that my kids are like plants. I cannot put a plant in a box and expect it to thrive. Where is the happy medium? When to let go and when to hold on?
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