Umbilical Cord Trouble

Umbilical cord

So that sweet little Grandson of mine is starting to lose his umbilical cord. It’s barely hanging by a thread.  Mama was worried because she noticed a little bit of blood on his onsie when she changed him.

As it starts to fall off a small amount of blood will occur. It’s like a loose scab that gets bumped and bleeds a little with each bump. There should only be a few small droplets though and green or yellowish green means you need to go to the doctor.

Just continue to keep the area clean and dry. When I raised my babies we used alcohol to help dry it out, save the time and money, just let nature do it. Do not bathe that baby yet either. I know how hard it is. You want to give them that first bath so bad. See how they like it. Get them all clean and fresh. But wait until the cord is all the way off and healed before submerging in water! Just a few more days!

healthy cord

healthy cord

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