Temperature Ducky

Temperature Ducky

Testing a baby’s water temperature is important, having toys is too! Ozeri combined both of those into a great ducky! It gives you an INSTANT read. I was really surprised when it told me the temperature so fast. That adorable little ducky barely got wet and the temperature was displayed! photo 1 (3)
I love that it also tells you the temperature with a color change on the display; green for perfect, red and blue for to hot or too cold. The duck also makes a great toy. My adorable grandson really enjoyed playing with the duck. His favorite was to chew on the head! photo 4 (1)
My son (aged 19) even played with the duck while he did dishes. He kept testing the temperature of the water throughout the washing process. Yes, we do dishes by hand in the sink, not in a dishwasher! This little ducky meter is even perfect for teaching little ones to keep dish water hot enough to clean the dishes.photo 2 (3)
Watch out though, when thrown in the water this duck makes a big SPLASH! I would recommend this product for anyone with a baby. It’s easy to use and helps to know if your water is to cold, hot, or just right instantly! You can get one at Amazon.

*I received the Ozeri Duck Meter in exchange for my HONEST opinion. All opinions are my own and no one else’s!

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