Moscato Shrimp Scampi #SundaySupper

Moscato Shrimp Scampi #SundaySupper Moscato Shrimp Scampi is my perfect version of shrimp scampi. The moscato bring a sweetness to the dish that brings out the flavors of the shrimp. My family loved it made with the moscato too! We didn’t even have any leftovers. It was all gobbled up. I swear there was plate […]

Taco Salad #Recipe

Taco Salad #Recipe Taco salad in our house is a go to meal when we are running late on making dinner. My taco salad recipe only takes a few minutes to make and its a filling tasty meal. Using Doritos tricks the kids into thinking they are just having junk instead of a salad. You […]