Grilled Figs with #Nectevia Mascarpone

Grilled Figs with #Nectevia Mascarpone I was selected to enter Steviva’s Blogger Recipe Challenge! I decided to create something using fresh ingredients found easily at the supermarket. I also wanted to keep it simple. Here is my recipe for Grilled Figs with #Nectevia Mascarpone. Steviva is a great natural sweetener and you can get more […]

Grilled Cones

Grilled Cones   I love to use ice cream cones for all kinds of things besides just ice cream. Its a PERFECT toddler bowl for grapes, cereals, and other snacks. We also like to use them for desserts when we are camping. Chop up some banana, chocolate, and marshmallows. Toss those in a cone, wrap […]