One Pot White Chili #Recipe

One Pot White Chili #Recipe My Best friend used to tell me about her white chili recipe that she makes. I took her idea and morphed it into my own. I enjoy a variety of beans in my chili so I carried that over to my white chili recipe. I also enjoy different typed of […]

Sensational One Pot Chili

Sensational One Pot Chili I grew up with my mom making chili about once a winter. She used some seasoning pack and kidney beans. I never made it when I moved to Florida, it never seemed cold enough to need chili. The winter I was pregnant for my last child it got cold enough in […]

Chili dog sauce

Chili Dog Sauce Who doesn’t love a Chili dog?  I know its my favorite way to eat a hotdog. Beanless chili is the most excellent! I don’t like opening a can for anything let alone a hotdog. But who wants to take all day long to make a chili sauce. Well here is a chili […]