Strawberry Paradise Cocktail Mocktail Recipe

Strawberry Paradise Cocktail Mocktail #Recipe *This can be made with or without alcohol* I came up with this recipe standing in the produce section of Publix staring at juice. I saw a bottle of banana nectar. I knew that I had to make a drink with that! So my daughter and I started naming different […]

Stuffed French Toast Sticks Recipe

Stuffed French Toast Sticks My kids are not big on breakfast; either am I. They want something quick and on the go. We came up with a twist to french toast and LOVE it. The strawberry jam and banana stuffed in the center make this amazing. Eat them hot or cold. I actually at them […]

Recipe: Breakfast “Sushi”

Breakfast “Sushi” I tend to purchase to many tortilla shells. They don’t last long once you open that package either. Here is one way we figured to use some of them up. The kids can make these themselves, except the slicing part. Breakfast sushi is a family favorite these days. Enjoy! Breakfast Sushi 2 peeled […]