Simple Swirled Frosting for Cupcakes

Swirled Frosting for cupcakes

These look so fancy and they are SUPER SIMPLE!
Frosting (I always make it but you can use the canned stuff)
gel coloring (must be the gel)
Sandwich bag
skewers or something long and narrow

Open a baggie so that the corner is pointy and the zippered part is open and folded over.sandwich baggie

Dip your skewer in the gel and rub the color up the side of the baggiefood color gel in baggie

continue adding colors. I used 2 colors in this one and 4 in another. Try not to get to much in the tip. Just makes the first one REALLY darkfood baggie as piping bag

See I put to much gel in the tip! DONT do that! pastry bag from ziplock bag

Cut the tip off the baggie. Start small and get bigger as you need it. Squeeze out the first little bit. Its mainly the gel.



start on the outside and just work around the cupcake finishing in the center. Turn the cupcake not your hand or the bag. swirl frosting

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