Preschool Educational Games

Preschool Educational Games

We are homeschoolers and love to introduce education everywhere we can. Kids love games and playing. Kids Academy Company has made learning fun with Preschool Educational Games!  We recently tried out three different ones they offer and LOVED them all. You have to get them from the iTunes store though.

The first one we tried was the reading and writing. I loved the maze tracing. Its a fun way to have little ones begin to learn the fine motor skills required to write letters later on. Which brings us to the next game, tracing and repeating the letters. I like how the cute picture helps to back up the letter recognition. There is a third game as well that helps with rhyming words and the tracing skills. What a great way to allow your preschooler to play games that they love and ones that mom knows are teaching great motor skills. Get it HERE


The second is the one I loved the most; so much that I bought the full version! It has letters and numbers. It reinforces tracing and fine motor skills. It also show counting with these adorable little fireflies.  The challenges are age appropriate for pre-k to kindergarten and FUN. My favorite part is after they complete each “game” there are stars to reward how they did. It shows that the child did great but look you can earn more stars next time! The abc portion of the game is cute it has all different things that begin with that letter and then a voice says the letter. As you click the items it says the letter sound and shows the word! Great for those early reading skills! You can get it HERE

IMG_9776 IMG_9779

The last game that we tried was The Bingo Song. My grandson is only 14 months but he LOVED this one. He just wanted to dance and clap with the song. It is truly the cutest thing ever! We were able to keep him busy while at a meeting for over an hour.  That is not an easy task with a 1 year old! The bingo song is of course the same old song that everyone knows but this app put the beat a little different and the woman’s voice is very fun and soothing. The word BINGO is on the bottom as the song plays and the letters bounce as they come to them. This is just a great game for little ones to join in with clapping and even jumping around! You can get the download HERE


I would recommend these games to anyone that has a little one almost to preschool all the way to kindergarten. They were fun and educational!

~I received compensation for this sponsored post, however my opinions are my own~

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