Oscar Week with Vanity Fairs Social Club

VFSC Oscars 2016-2

Oscar Week with Vanity Fairs Social Club

Last week I flew out to Los Angeles for Vanity Fair’s Social Club. Vanity Fair celebrated the Academy Awards by entertaining us influencers with some VIP panels and treatment. If you follow me on Social Media then you were able to see some of my adventures around LA.

Vanity Fairs Social Club (click the link for more photos)

VFSC Oscars 2016-7

The 5 days of Vanity Fair’s Campaign Hollywood took place at the Platform. Wow, is this a gorgeous set of modern buildings.
VFSC Oscars 2016-44VFSC Oscars 2016-45




Its technically not even open until Spring 2016 but Soul Cycle was open and allowed Vanity Fair to use some of their amazing space! From the rooftop deck you could actually see the Hollywood sign in the distance. Look at the picture below and in between the two palm trees is the famous sign.

VFSC Oscars 2016-14

VFSC Oscars 2016-13


Vanity Fair’s panels are all amazing and my favorite part besides the pamper sessions of course! My favorite panel for Campaign Hollywood would have to be Patricia Arquette’s Equal means Equal. She spoke on how women and really everyone deserves to make the same pay for the same jobs. It was marvelous to see how immensely she felt and see her passion for the cause. Yet another reason to LOVE the Oscar winning Patricia Arquette!VFSC Oscars 2016-52

Some of my other favorite panels were from Mya Taylor and Sean Baker of Tangerine, Lesley Vanderwalt the makeup artist for Mad Max: Fury Road, as well as many others. I even got to meet Sean O’Pry!!! There were 3 panels each day and most of them were either a previous Oscar winner or someone up for a 2015 Oscar. Simply amazing and I guess you should expect nothing less when Vanity Fair is involved!

VFSC Oscars 2016-19 VFSC Oscars 2016-40
VFSC Oscars 2016-43VFSC Oscars 2016-23 VFSC Oscars 2016-55VFSC Oscars 2016-46

I was on Facebook Live for a few of the panels. One of the Live panels I recorded my girls and grandmother loved was Emblem 3. They also performed four acoustic songs that drove my girls to screaming madness. Those boys can sing their hearts out and even had a woman around my age (I am 40 years old) saying it got her nipples hard, haha. They have a great new app with their music for free!!! (Get it HERE) How cool is that?

VFSC Oscars 2016-24 VFSC Oscars 2016-28 VFSC Oscars 2016-29

Each day started with refreshments and then a panel. At the end of the first panel they served a wonderful lunch from Grocerie by Foodink Catering. My favorite lunch Foodink served was the Chicken Pesto Panini. They fed us very well each day!

VFSC Oscars 2016-11 VFSC Oscars 2016-35

We were also served Stella Artois and their Cidre’. Stella Artois also had a happy hour daily. Chrysler had a shuttle service available with beautiful cars and really nice drivers. L’Oreal offered hair and makeup appointments on different days. YSL Beaute offered make up touch-ups. Lancome was there as well!  Viktor & Rolf set up an amazing photo experience along with hand massages with their amazing Flowerbomb hand cream.

VFSC Oscars 2016-30 VFSC Oscars 2016-21 VFSC Oscars 2016-25 VFSC Oscars 2016-31

Who wouldn’t love all that VIP treatment? I know I enjoyed every moment and have found some products that I will now be using daily! Want to check out more of what Vanity Fair Social Club is? Use the hashtag #VFSC and prepare to be amazed by all that Vanity Fair is known for!

Vanity Fairs Social Club (click the link for more photos)

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