Northpole Movie and more by Hallmark

Northpole Movie and more by Hallmark


I have said it before, Hallmark has the most AMAZING products for Christmas time. For over a decade we have loved the Hallmark movies on the Hallmark Channel. There are shows and movies that are appropriate for the whole family to enjoy. Hallmark also has Christmas movies. This year they released two new movies.

One movie Hallmark released is “One Christmas Eve” and the other is “Northpole”. Both are great movies but the one Northpole has some extra specialness to it. For one thing you can purchase so many items seen in the movie. Its actually the items you see in the movie. I saw an aisle at Walmart this morning with nothing but the Northpole Hallmark items. The items are all affordable too, priced from a couple bucks to about $25.

You can also visit the communication station. This is a magical station that allows kids to talk to the Northpole. My daughter spoke with Clementine from the movie! She was so very excited that we had to get the communicator interactive microphone to talk daily at home!

There are a few more stops for the communication station:

• Dec. 5-7 2014, Kansas City, Crown Center
• Dec. 12-14 2014, Dallas/Ft. Worth, North East Mall
• Dec. 19-21 2014, Los Angeles, Hollywood & Highland

Communication Station

I hope that you take the time to stop by one the locations. It makes a magical time. It helped me to keep the spirit of Christmas alive in my almost 11 year old. How real is it that you can watch a movie, see them use items, and run to Walmart and see those same items (not some fake looking similar item) as in the movie.
One of the items is the Magic Mail Set. This is so cute; there are 8 pages with questions from Santa, Mrs. Claus and more. My daughter was so excited that she got to write Mrs. Claus! She wanted to do all 8 pages right away! It only took 2 minutes for a letter to get from our freezer to the Northpole and back!! That is really fast!

Magic Mail
I also have the Nighty-Night Northpole book. As you read the story you turn off the light at the Northpole. There is an amazing surprise at the end too! I was AMAZED at this! I didn’t expect that one! To find out you must buy the book!

Nighty night
Or since Hallmark is so Awesome you can enter for a chance to win one! Actually they are giving away the Magic Mail as well as the Nighty-Night book! How awesome is that!!! To enter fill out the Rafflecopter entry form below. Or to purchase any of the Northpole items now click HERE.
*I received products in exchange for my HONEST opinion. All opinions are my own and no one else’s

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  1. We love decorating the tree early and making gingerbread houses together.

  2. Debi-14-in-2014 says:

    putting tinsel on the tree:)

  3. Watching Christmas shows!

  4. Baking cookies for the family together, thanks!

  5. Erin Murphy says:

    Making cookies together and leaving them for Santa!

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