My Views on Aging, Turning 40

turning 40

My Views on Aging, Turning 40

I just recently turned the big 4-0! Most women freak about getting old but my views on aging are a little different. I like myself better as I age. I am like wine & cheese; I get better with age! How do you feel about aging? Lets talk in the comments 🙂

Wear a Book on Your Face?

For as long as I can remember I have been intrigued by the aging process. I remember looking at my elderly Aunt Amy’s (80’s) translucent skin thinking how amazing it was to see some of the things working below. I was mesmerized with how soft it felt and awed at how thin that layer was. Looking at my own skin, and then at my 30-ish parents I realized some of the changes our bodies went through.

For some reason I equated every line on Aunt Amy’s face as one of the stories she told of her life. To me she wore a book on her face. As I age, I look at my face and see creases starting to form, sags appearing and the thinning is beginning. I look in the mirror and see my own book filing with stories that I share with my children and soon my grandson.

Laugh or Frown Lines

The upside or I guess downside is if you have laugh or frown lines? Me I have lots of laugh lines. I married a goof ball that makes me laugh almost daily! I am developing lines from squinting too! But not any grumpy lines!

Go ahead take a break and go look in the mirror. Do you have laugh or frown lines? Depending on which you have you may want to evaluate where your life is. You should be happy and be able to laugh daily! Life is not meant to be miserable.

To Be Plastic or Not

So you have noticed that your aging. What now? Well for me I think its natural to want your youthful glow back. All those times you thought you looked awful in your teens would now be a great thing to have. I won’t be tempted to visit the surgeon! I will age with grace and natural beauty. Look at Betty White, she is gorgeous and you can still see the hot bombshell she was. That shows thru in her smile!

Let your wrinkles tell your story. Don’t turn into one of those old ladies with a tight wrinkle free face and old everywhere else. I always get a good chuckle out of those ladies! To combat aging I am just taking care of my skin; wearing a hat, using sunscreen, and moisturizing well. No looking like a fake old Barbie for me!

Me at 40

Me at 40

My Fears

So what are my fears of aging? They are that I will die young like my grandmothers and mother. They were all gone in their 50’s and missed out on so much. I am overweight with a bad back and Meniere’s wondering what my future will hold. My plan is to combat my family heritage with old fashioned work.

I am realizing that I am getting old although I still am young but the reality of aging is sinking in. I will chase after my grandson and enjoy him instead of siting and watching him play. I will live life for everyday and stay happy doing it! I vow to walk everyday with my loved ones showing my children (My Little Parrots article) the importance of your health.

Another thing about aging is that I actually have fallen in love with is myself. The scared little girl I used to be is long gone. I no longer care what people think of me. If you don’t like me then poof ~ be gone! I have people in my life who love and accept all the good and bad I am. I love that I have a backbone now and can stand strong on my own or even stronger with my family and loved ones!

The needy Amy has moved over for the I need to do this Amy. I am confident in what I do and who I am. I know that I make TONS of mistakes but I also know the knowledge I gain from those mistakes. Shoot, some of my biggest “mistakes” from my youth are now my greatest accomplishments as an adult. The things I hated about myself are now my greatest assets.

Onto A Better Self

So I am going to turn 40 and love myself and my life even more! I am now considered old by the teenagers and wouldn’t change a moment of my oldness! I will age with confidence and grace. I am me and with each day I age I am a better more updated version of myself.

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  1. Loved this Amy! You look fabulous at 40 and I love your attitude about it as well. It’s my turn soon! 🙂

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