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My World Simplified is a cozy place to vist for recipes, books, crafts, giveaway/reviews, and a variety of tips ranging from parenthood, homeschooling, and even running a household.


Of course my first love is for my family! But after them is my love for cooking and baking.  I’ve even been giving the grill a try lately. I create my own recipes with easy to find ingredients. I also  write the recipe so its easy to understand and follow.  Most recipes are American comfort foods made from scratch. I do have some quick and easy meals and some ethnic cuisine’s like German food, and Cuban food. Here is a list of my top six recipe

~Effortless buttercream icing                      ~Kielbasa & rice casserole

~Matcha green tea crinkle cookies             ~Amish Broccoli & cauliflower salad

~Buffalo chicken casserole                          ~Eggplant fries

2014 top recipes

Second of my list of loves is books. There aren’t many things better than curling up with a good book. I share some great new books and some great new authors. My World Simplified even gets to have special cover reveals, tweet with authors, and special deals on ebooks. Get your book fix! Here are some of the latest books:

~An Italian Obsession                        ~Jaded

~Lieutenant Henry Gallant               ~A Dangerous Season

2014 top books

Crafts are one of the greatest skills I learned from my mom. Most of my crafts are kid related, but watch this year for more adult crafts to come along on My World Simplified. I will also be adding a few toddler and preschool crafts too! The top crafts are:

~Rubberband Loom         ~Water Bombs

~Homemade Lip gloss     ~Homemade play-dough

2014 top crafts

I also enjoy testing new products that relate to my loves listed above. I also LOVE to giveaway products. My World Simplified even hosts its own anniversary giveaways that relate to the top posts for the year! Last year one of the giveaways was a muffin pan for my BEST blueberry muffins. Here are a few of the reviews and giveaways I have done.

~Music in the shower            ~Tuna squish

~Delano Mansion & Inn       ~Piano lessons

 2014 top giveaway

Raising 5 children (currently 21,19,18,13, and 10) and now helping raise my grandson (1 1/2) has taught me a great deal. That is a big part of My World Simplified, simplifying your life and enjoying it all a little more. The topics vary from baby with goopy eyes & umbilical cords, to preteens being cry babies & mock sleepovers, to getting grease stains out, getting rid of lice naturally, & removing smells like garlic easily from hands.

My World Simplified

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