Goodbye 2014

Dear 2014:
We started your year out with excitement and joy for what you could bring us and you ended with misery and death of dear loved ones. I hope you leaving will solve some of the grief we felt. Don’t get me wrong there were some good times, but they were all in the beginning and toward the end you just got worse!
We started out the year planting 18 poinsettia’s for a baby I had that died 18 years ago. They started out great, much like the beginning of 2014. And just like this year ended, they are all dead. I did get them to survive over half the year though!

goodbye 2014

In the beginning of 2014 I was excited as can be for my “new” VW Bettle. I love my new ride and it is nothing like the awful year you have given me. Actually I don’t know how we would have survived this year without the purchase of Fritz. We drove him about 6000 miles in 4 weeks in two emergency trips back and forth to Michigan.
This year also brought us a first birthday for my grandson William. He also took up much of our lives along with my five kids and homeschooling the youngest two. We also ice skated! Which is really cool when you live in Florida. My youngest big kid (middle child) got her license,her own truck, and to vote for the first time. Our oldest two children both moved out on their own and are still out doing good!
We also started shooting archery and our own archery group with the youngest three kids. We have one that started her Senior year of high school and another that is suppose to be going off to school any time now.
Twenty fourteen also brought me MANY tears. My mom days after she turned 59. She and I had many fights over the years and many periods of not speaking at all. The last 10 years of her life though we spoke daily. The last few years I spent long periods of time with her in Michigan, although I was not with her at her death bed.
Shortly after losing my mom, I lost the next important woman in my life, my grandmothers (who I lost at a young age to heart disease) twin sister. Unlike my mom, My great Aunt had a long life and passed away at the age of 90.
Also in 2014, My daughter had a miscarriage just as I was coming around to the idea of having another Grand-baby running around. It was a rough few weeks but she is better now!
My husband’s Mother is moving hours further away from us. We are going to miss having her only a few hours away, but are excited to get to visit Georgia more. My amazing husband lost his Grandmother just days before Christmas! And as I type this my Grandmother (grandpa remarried) is worried sick about losing her son.
2014 you have whipped my butt, rung me through the wringer, and I am still here ready to tackle 2015. I hope and pray that this new year brings my family greater happiness. I KNOW my family can continue on our journey and grow as we go through each challenge and accomplishment 2015 can bring! I pray that we just keep on our current paths on improving ourselves in all we do!
Good bye and good riddance 2014,
Amy and Family

welcome 2015

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