Food Wine Conference aka Family Time

Food Wine Conference aka Family Time

Food Wine conference should really be called Food Wine and Family conference. The atmosphere is not that of a stuffy conference or even a fun one. Its truly like going to Thanksgiving with your extended family!

The close bonds I have made with FWCon family extends beyond the conference. Many are friends in my personal life and some I even see throughout the year! Its great to have friends that understand my blogging and the need to take pictures of my food before we can eat!


Now don’t let all this lovey dovey stuff fool you it is an action packed learning experience as well! The first day is registration, some mingling along with my friends from Florida Dairy Farmers ( I am their Brand Ambassador for the conference) had a great photo prop set up with a cute cow! (Check out the photos from the night HERE) They also had some great sock for the Soc Hop Saturday night.

Saturday and Sunday starts out with some great sessions and classes. Now don’t ask me to pick a favorite because that just isn’t possible. Could you choose a favorite child? I know I can’t and the same applies here. I promise if you go next year that you will come back from the weekend refreshed and ready to refresh your blog! I wrote about how refreshing it is before the conference HERE.

My favorite part of the conference was this years award dinner and Soc Hop. There is always a theme and this years was the 1950s. My husband joined me and we dressed up as a bowling team complete with my logo on back. The dinner was phenomenal and I loved the shrimp and grits more than I ever thought I would enjoy them together! The Soc Hop was so a blast. There was a twist competition, that my husband won, a bubble gum blowing contest, hula hoop contest and more.

On top of all this family, learning, and fun we also had a TON of food and drinks! I truly ate so well that I went through food withdrawals my first few days home. Everything I ate was so tasty and I ate like a queen. We drank many exciting things along with CK Mondavi and Family wine. There was also a #Hashed competition to make a cocktail using Berries! That was a blast too, Food Wine Conference is so much fun!


My friends at Florida dairy farmers hung around for the whole conference. They had one of their farmers on a panel talking about life on the farm. Florida Dairy Farmers is a Co op of over 130 farmer families. They also had a great discussion all about milk and lactose. You should follow them on social media even if you don’t live in Florida they share amazing recipes, nutritional information, and more!

So does this sound like a convention to you? Sure doesn’t to me. I am in awe of Isabel and her teams ability to keep the family atmosphere while still giving a thriving experience to rejuvenate your blog! I highly recommend you attend year 6 of the Food Wine Conference!

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  1. Terrific recap of a fabulous weekend. Hubby ROCKED the contest and I am so glad you both got to taste my balls!!

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