Easy!!! Pendant necklace made from Washer

Easy!!! Pendant necklace made from a Washer
Our last official Girl Scout meeting was this week. We decided to make necklaces. I stopped at the home improvement store and picked up some washers and green twine (My troop is Juniors). We used a decoupage technique to make the plain old washers into amazing pendants. You can Mod Podge CS11202 Original 16-Ounce Glue, Gloss Finish
from amazon. It does work better than the glue and water. The sheen is amazing with the Mod Podge!

Here is how we did it:
Ball of twine
Washer (any size for the pendant you want)
Mod Podge (you can just water down a little glue instead)
Sponge brush
Scrapbooking paper (or any paper)



Cut out a square larger than your washer.

washer pendant step 1
Now trace your washer (inside and outside the circle) on the back side of the paper

washer pendant trace
Cut out the outside. Makings sure not to cut on the line but just outside of it

photo 4
Bend lightly in half

pendant necklace remove center
And cut out the center again not cutting on the line

cut out
Brush some mod podge or glue on the backside of the paper.

photo 2 (1)
Now add the washer

photo 3 (1)
Put your finger in the hole and gently twist and remove your finger. This should leave a clean edge.

washer pendant push in center

Put mod podge on the front of the paper/washer now.

photo 5 (1)

Fold around the outside edge now and trim any excess that prevents the paper from laying smooth. You want it to cover the side of the washer.

photo 1 (2)
Let dry

And attach the twine for a great new look!

Washer pendant


pendant tiephoto 4 (2)

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