Don’t Over Do Disney This Summer

Don’t Over Do Disney This Summer

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Don’t over do Disney World this summer by coming to Orlando and only going to Disney. Now don’t get me wrong Disney is AMAZING and you HAVE to go but don’t let your family be over stimulated by everything Disney.

Being over Disney’d is easy if its in your face to much. Specially if you find out one of your little ones is scared of those cute wandering characters. Now imagine you stayed at a Disney hotel and run into them in to mornings and evenings too, YIKES! We love to stay in Orlando even though we are only an hour and a half away but we stay outside of Disney.

I also like to have more than just a little room to stay in. I want a kitchen. I like to cook and save money especially on breakfast and snacks. Who can keep anything in one of those baby fridges? Not me thats who!

So Where Do I Stay?

Westgate Towncenter is only 1 mile from Disney and you can get a shuttle to Disney and back. They have options for studio’s up to 3 bedrooms. I can get real comfort and be able to relax in something other than a hotel room. Westgate also has many ways to get food including a mini market, grocery, and dining options.

If for some reason you get tired of the theme parks there is also Shipwreck Island Waterpark. Its a fun pirate themed water park with multi-levels to play on and a zero entry pool. There are even some great pirate themed foods to eat!

Westgate  is also very adult friendly even to those that have kids! There is a Westgate Kids Club for those that are potty trained to be dropped off for some supervised play and activities. This is for ages between 2-12 so mom and dad can have some adult time!

So I bet you think Westgate is outrageously priced, NOPE! They are actually priced AMAZING! I have a big family and usually have to book 2 standard hotel rooms (5 kids) and pay a fortune. At Westgate Towncenter I pay a fraction of that and get double the space without having my family completely separated. Plus I get a kitchen to make breakfast before we head out for the day. There are even package deals that include ticket to Disney check them out HERE.

Westgate truly thinks of everything for your vacation needs they even remembered your pets. Although fees and restrictions do apply they are a pet friendly place to stay and at the doorstep to Disney.

On top of being Disney Worlds neighbor, Westgate is also close to the Orlando Eye (and lots to do there), Mall at Millenia, SeaWorld, and even Universal. There is a TON to do just on the tourist side of Orlando. You can do a variety of fun activities of top of Disney World and expand your vacation to Orlando.

Orlando is called the city beautiful by locals and you should really get out and see why its called that! Don’t over do Disney this summer enjoy all Orlando has to offer!

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