Dollar Tree Poinsettia Decoration

Poinsettia dollar tree decoration

Dollar Tree Poinsettia Decoration

I love Poinsettia’s. I lost a baby shortly after the holidays and a friend filled my room with Poinsettia’s to cheer me up. Of course it didn’t work but they always remind my of my baby. Each Christmas I add more and more poinsettia’s to my collection of Christmas Decorations. Although I have a huge addiction to the nutcrackers 🙂

This year I am hosting the family Christmas party. I decided to add some new decorations. I headed to my local Dollar Tree. I spent a total of $10 (plus tax of course) and made this beautiful Poinsettia Decoration. It only took 10 minutes or less to make! How’s that for simple!

So to get started I purchased poinsettia bunches (six bunches) that had pinecones and other little winter things on them. I also add a gold branch thingy, a battery operated pillar candle, a basket, and a green foam floral block.

poinsettia supplies

The only thing you need to make this is a pair of wire cutters (you can also purchase those at the Dollar Tree). I took my wire cutters and clipped each flower or winter decoration off as close the the bunch as I could. You want the stems long to reach the foam block in the basket. I separated mine because I am a little OCD.

Poinsettia basket

I pushed the pillar candle into the foam blocks center and placed the foam in the basket.Poinsettia Decoration Dollar Tree

Next I started adding the flowers around the rim of the basket. I tried to alternate the flowers.

Poinsettia Table Decoration Christmas

The next row I added some of the little winter decorations like berries and pinecones. I then added another row of flowers on top of that. Repeat until the basket is filled. Finish off with the gold branch thingy’s. Thats it! Nothing more.Poinsettia Winter Decoration

Now that was super simple and super cheap. I purchased enough to make a few baskets to place around my house. They add a little Christmas cheer that can stay even after you take down the tree. My Dollar Tree Poinsettia Decoration works for all winter long! So use it as a Christmas, Holiday, or Winter decoration. You could even make a few to give to a special neighbor.

Poinsettia Basket Dollar Tree Decoration

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