Divine Witches Brew Sangria with the Divining Rod Wines #DrinkUpWitches


Divine Witches Brew Sangria

with the Divining Rod Wines

*Adults only beverage*
Divine Witches Brew Sangria is a perfect cocktail to serve at your halloween party! I could actually drink it all year long! The wine flavor is not muddled out with this combination. Caution when you are drinking it though, it goes down like a glass of Kool-aid!

Now onto the the wine that I choose for this. Its a special wine that is made by a witch! Honestly it is, I swear. The wine maker is a water witch. I have heard of a water witch and remember trying to find water myself as a kid with a stick. I bet you know remember what a water witch is. The Divining Rod wines believe “From water, comes wine” and this philosophy seems to fit Marc Mondavi well!

Marc Monadvi’s (the water witch) wrote a book about his wine creation The Witch, The Water, and The Wine. Its a great little story that I enjoyed about the abilities of a water witch! The quality of the book is amazing too and has a great pop up page. He started this line of wines in 2012, although his family has been involved in wine for over 70 years! Imagine all the winery knowledge stuffed into his head!

The Divine Red wine I used in this recipe has such complexity and depth, yet you can taste the actual grapes as well. Its a blend of some great red wines: Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The water witch knows how to make an amazing wine! The blend is perfect. They also have a few other Divine wines. You should check all of them out. There are quite divine to your taste buds and your wallet too! Divine Wines are marketed at a great price. Better hurry though they only made 10,000 cases of the Divine Red.

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Divine Witches Brew Sangria Recipe:
3 cups Divine Red Wine
2 cup grape juice
2 cup code red mountain dew
2 ounces tequila (rum or vodka, would work too)
1 full cup each of frozen grapes and cherries
Mix all ingredients in a 2 quart container. Preferably a spooky skull or cauldron to get the full halloween feeling. Serve cold and Enjoy! #homemadeYUMMY #DrinkUpWitches


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