Cocoa Beach UnCorked Inaugural Event


The Cocoa Beach UnCorked Inaugural Event

Cocoa Beach UnCorked is THE Food, Wine, and Craft Beer lovers event located on the Space Coast. We even watched a rocket launch and land after the event. The Uncorked folks bring the best local chefs, restaurants, breweries, wineries and the like together under one tent; to let us Sip, Savor & Repeat on the beach.

I entered a contest to be Cocoa Beaches Food Blogger of the Year and I won! HERE is their page on the contest and the other winners for craft beer and travel blogger. I won VIP tickets to the event and some other fun stuff too!

This year was Cocoa Beach Uncorked’s inaugural and for being the first was AMAZING! I cannot wait to see what next year holds. There is another Uncorked event in Clearwater each year although I have not attended it, I have heard wonderful things from friends who have.


Kickoff with VIP Party

The event kicked off down the road at the Hilton with VIP Lite Bits and Icy sips. We were greeted by That Florida Kush and the best drink we had all weekend. The Homegrown Margarita is made with Guava and so delicious! The tequila is great too and like all the products that were at Cocoa Beach Uncorked they are available all over Florida! That is important, I hate going somewhere falling in love with a product only to find you can’t get it. We stayed at the Hilton and they treated us great!


The Main Event

Cocoa Beach Uncocked is literally on the beach, with our toes in the sand! Don’t worry you can still wear your cute sandals there was shoe parking at the entrance. There were two tents, one VIP and one the main event. With an open air lounge in between. The VIP tent had some nice lounge seating to relax. I didn’t spend much time in there because the smells from the main tent just draw you in. I really wish there was smell o’vision so you all you smell what I am talking about. Even if you aren’t hungry you will be as soon as you walk in that tent!

Make sure you arrive with a hungry belly and thirsty if you attend next year. Which you should because it was so awesome and everyone knows events get better each year! I also suggest purchasing tickets for both days. Its really hard to eat and drink all that in one day alone.

The Headliners

They had some big names there. Shaun O’Neale from MasterChef was signing his amazing new cookbook (I got 3 of them) and Emily Ellyn from Food Network were a few of the chefs they had doing cooking demonstrations throughout the day. Those same chefs were at the event and very approachable all day. Not stuffy stars but fun people to talk to!

Now what you all came here for the food and the drinks! Cocoa Beach Uncorked did announce winners for peoples choice awards for different categories. I already said that my favorite drink was That Florida Kush Margarita (which actually won). My favorite bite was from the D.I.G . The craft beer I loved best was Keybilly while the best wine was from San Sebastian Winery. Remember these were my winners and if you actually went to the event I would LOVE to know what yours was!

Cocoa Beach Uncorked lasted for 2 days but is still in mind. I can purchase a lot of the products around Florida and reminisce about my 2 days Sipping, Savoring, and Repeating in Cocoa Beach! Hope you join me next Year! Check out Cocoa Beach Uncorked WEBSITE, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, or INSTAGRAM for updates on next year!

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