Chocolate Lovers Collection

Chocolate Lovers Collection

October 28 is National Chocolate Day!!! YUMMY! I have put together some of our favorite recipes involving chocolate. Chocolate lovers will all agree that National Chocolate day should be every day. Try one of these amazing chocolate recipes! Shoot you could even try them all!

First up is the Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies These are a dark chocolate cookie base with dark chocolate chips in them. Eat one warm with a big glass of milk and you will be in a chocolate lovers delight!
dark chocolate chocolate chip cookies

Next we have Ganache filled Cupcakes with Ganache Frosting! These are so very chocolaty that you will think you landed in chocolateville! These look so good you think they are hard but these are so super EASY! A true Chocolate lovers delight.
ganche filled chocolate cupcake with ganache frosting

Now we have Simply at Home Mom’s Yummy Bacon Chocolate Cupcakes Who doesn’t love bacon? I know that I love me some bacon. I first heard bacon and chocolate together and thought gross. Then I thought of pretzels and chocolate and gave it a try! YUMMY! So if you are a chocolate lover and a bacon lover you must try these!!

And here comes Taking Time for Mommy’s Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe Cake without flour sounds like a much healthier way to consume chocolate! Chocolate lovers can now eat that extra piece of cake!

Lastly we have an Easy Mocha Drinking Chocolate is awesome too! Chocolate and coffee unite in this delicious recipe that can help and chocolate lover wake up in a FANTASTIC mood!

Easy Mocha

Easy Mocha

I highly suggest you try all of these, just not at once or you may really have death by chocolate!! Have yourself a wonderful National Chocolate day. If today is not October 28th then just pretend it is and indulge anyway because every day should be National Chocolate day! SUPER YUMMY!!!

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  1. Yummmm these look SO good! Hooray for chococlate LOL!

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