BROKEN DOLLS by BR Kingsolver


Broken Dolls is a paranormal thriller set in Europe & takes the reader into the dark underground of the telepathic society. Rhiannon Kendrick (known as RB to her friends) is tall & gorgeous, but also notoriously klutzy. You see, RB is not your typical private investigator; she is a telepath with many gifts that helps her seek out the truth. Thank “goddess” that she has a best friend that happens to be a healer because trouble seems to follows her no matter where she goes. Just when it seems that her life as a PI is in a monotonous rut, Lord O’Byrne, head of one of the Irish clans, calls upon her for help to investigate & bring home a young succubi who has disappeared. As RB digs deeper in deeper into the disappearance of the girl, she discovers it’s more than just a mere disappearance. Someone is kidnapping young telepath’s and succubi’s and trafficking them into the sex slave industry. RB must untangle the web of lies and deceit and not only try to find the missing girl but also save herself or forever parish into this underground of slavery.

This is not your average storyline. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and it kept me reading page to page. There are a lot of plot twists and turns and you never know who RB can and cannot trust. I loved that the story kept its course without immersing you too deep into the sexual details of these girls. I frequently got confused when RB described all of the different “gifts” that she and other telepaths have, so I started to keep notes (but then at the end of the book I discovered there is a list of all of the powers and what they do). At any rate, it was easy to keep the storyline straight even if you couldn’t remember what power did what & who had these powers because the way the story was written. I enjoyed this so much, that should the author continue this series in the future, I would definitely continue reading them- I would love to see what trouble RB gets into next and to see if she actually picks up a serious love interest. This book was well worth reading and I would recommend this to anyone who likes a little adventure in their life without all of the heavy sexual content.

Broken Dolls by BR Kingsolver

Private investigator RB Kendrick makes her living nailing cheating spouses, digging up other dirt to help in a divorce, finding long-lost relatives, and occasionally sniffing out criminal activity and fraud.

When she takes a job to find a missing girl, she has no idea she is headed for the most dangerous case of her career. Usually, her ability to read minds gives her an edge. But when the people she’s hunting are also telepaths, that advantage is limited.

The search takes her into the dark underbelly of telepathic society, where anything, and anyone, is for sale. She discovers that telepathic women and girls are being trafficked as the ultimate sex slaves.

With people trying to kill her, she’s on the run, not knowing who she can trust. Will she find the missing girl, or become a victim herself?

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About the Author:

I made silver and turquoise jewelry for almost a decade, ended up in nursing school, then took a master’s in business. Along the way I worked in construction, as a newspaper editor, and somehow found a career working with computers.

I love the outdoors, especially the Rocky Mountains. I’ve skied since high school, with one broken leg and one torn ACL to show for it. I’ve hiked and camped all my life. I love to travel, though I haven’t done enough of it. I’ve seen a lot of Russia and Mexico, not enough of England and France. Amsterdam is amazing, and the Romanian Alps are breathtaking. Lake Tahoe is a favorite.

I have a very significant other, two cats and two Basset Hounds. I’m currently living in Baltimore, nine blocks from the harbor, but still own a home in New Mexico.

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