Books! Do you Love Reading?

Books! Do you Love Reading?

Trevor with his nose in a book

Trevor with his nose in a book

Reading, I believe, is the most vital part of schooling.  We need to be able to read to do most things in life.  I teach my girls the importance of it. I also try to show them that reading can also be fun! The hard part is picking the genre. I love books. Books can take you away to another place.

We homeschool our youngest two children, and they both are doing the same curriculum for English.  We choose to use the Bob Jones English.  It teaches the English language and writing skills.  So far the girls are doing well with the program.  We also have them read books every night.  I am reading the Harry Potter Series with Margaret now.

My oldest Cassandra is my biggest reader. She loves to read about anything like me. Tarrena is a bit picky about what she will read.  The hard ones are the men in my life.  My husband used to read the flowers in the attic series as a teen and never read again.  Last year he read over 11 books. I introduced him to Stephen King.

My son was the hardest to find a genre for. I tried to get him to read anything. We tried Harry Potter as a kid, nope. Stephen King when he was older, nope.  Classics weren’t working either. We even tried car magazine. (that was the best though) Finally a friend suggested a book and he had to have one for DEAR (drop everything and read) time at school.

The book was a comedy and he loved it. Every day he would come home with a new part of the story to tell me.  Soon he was even reading it at home. He finished his first book! Hooray! He even read the second book and is waiting to get the third one (just ordered it).  The author Brent Crawford, uses comedy to tell his tale of High School years.

Needful things, by Stephen King was the first book I ever read outside of elementary school.  After that I read another Stephen King book and another. He is still my favorite author. I am actually going out first thing tomorrow to get his newest book Joyland.  Now I read almost anything. I am not too fond of full on romance genre but I will read it if there is nothing else.

Most of my reading time these days is spent reading with the girls and reading all of their papers that I don’t read much for me.  Someday very soon my girls will be gone and I will have plenty of time to read for pleasure.

If you don’t like to read you haven’t found the right type of book. Keep looking, and reading, there are books out there for everyone. So let’s talk, what’s genre is your favorite? Who your favorite author?

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