Having A Headache EVERYDAY

Having A Headache EVERYDAY Having a headache everyday for over 11 months now has sucked to say the least! Its why you see less of me posting and showing up all over places.  (Don’t worry I am under the care of a doctor and I’ll discuss later) Some days are worse than others and most […]

Bourbon Triple Nut Banana Muffins #Recipe

Bourbon Triple Nut Banana Muffins #Recipe My Bourbon Triple Nut Banana Muffins are so spectacular you won’t be able to keep up with the supply and demand for them! I created the recipe because I wanted something different than just my grandmothers banana bread recipe. Everyone has one of those. Some with walnuts, some without […]

Crockpot Cabbage Rolls #Sunday Supper

Crockpot Cabbage Rolls #SundaySupper Somehow I always end up with extra cabbage whenever I am making something. This time I was making egg rolls and had almost an entire head leftover. My county grows a lot of cabbage and we tend to eat it often certain times of the year. We also have grown cabbage […]

Cake fan to visit Americas Cake Fair

Cake fan to visit Americas Cake Fair I am a Digital Ambassador for The Americas Cake Fair, and in exchange for my time and efforts in attending the show and reporting my opinion within this blog, The Americas Cake Fair has provided me with complimentary tickets and other exclusive opportunities. I am a huge fan […]

Dry Barbecue Rub with #MonkSweet

Dry Barbecue Rub with #MonkSweet I was selected to enter Steviva Blogger Recipe Challenge. At first I was apprehensive because I am against artificial sweeteners.  After some research I realized that #Steviva isn’t one of those at all its all natural. Sugar is made from sugar cane and Steviva is made from a plant called Stevia […]

Grilled Figs with #Nectevia Mascarpone

Grilled Figs with #Nectevia Mascarpone I was selected to enter Steviva’s Blogger Recipe Challenge! I decided to create something using fresh ingredients found easily at the supermarket. I also wanted to keep it simple. Here is my recipe for Grilled Figs with #Nectevia Mascarpone. Steviva is a great natural sweetener and you can get more […]

Drunken Strawberry Milkshake

Drunken Strawberry Milkshake My Drunken Strawberry Milkshake is absolutely mind-blowing! My mother in law and I were sitting around talking about recipes for an upcoming recipe contest with Florida milk. We decided that its hot in Florida and we needed something to cool off both our minds and bodies hence the ice cream and the […]

Loaded Chipotle Potato Pepper Bacon Bombs

Loaded Chipotle Potato Pepper Bacon Bombs My Loaded Chipotle Potato Pepper Bacon Bombs is a Saucy Mama recipe created for a competition to enter World Food Championships. I created this recipe sitting with my son talking over what Saucy Mama Saucy’s were available for the competition this year. We both decided that bacon would be […]

Cocoa Beach UnCorked Inaugural Event

  The Cocoa Beach UnCorked Inaugural Event Cocoa Beach UnCorked is THE Food, Wine, and Craft Beer lovers event located on the Space Coast. We even watched a rocket launch and land after the event. The Uncorked folks bring the best local chefs, restaurants, breweries, wineries and the like together under one tent; to let us […]

Don’t Over Do Disney This Summer

Don’t Over Do Disney This Summer ~I received compensation for this sponsored post, however my opinions are my own~ Don’t over do Disney World this summer by coming to Orlando and only going to Disney. Now don’t get me wrong Disney is AMAZING and you HAVE to go but don’t let your family be over […]

Food Wine Conference aka Family Time

Food Wine Conference aka Family Time Food Wine conference should really be called Food Wine and Family conference. The atmosphere is not that of a stuffy conference or even a fun one. Its truly like going to Thanksgiving with your extended family! The close bonds I have made with FWCon family extends beyond the conference. […]

Taste of America Burger Recipe

 Taste of America Burger Recipe Taste of America Burger was created as a thought of the United States and the different flavors all over.  I am from the North but have lived in the south so long that I feel like a southerner. The Pacific Rim Ginger is an amazing sauce from my friend out […]